Crown Court

If your case goes to the Crown Court for trial you will automatically qualify under the merits test for Legal Aid. You will then be subject to a means assessment. After this assessment you may have to pay a monthly contribution towards the cost of your defence to the Court. This could be from your income while the case is ongoing and/or from your capital, if you are convicted.

You will not have to pay towards the costs of your case if you are under 18 when you make your application or if you receive a state benefit or your income is below a certain level.

At the end of the case, if found Not Guilty of all charges then any payments made will be refunded with interest. If found Guilty, there may be a requirement to pay towards the defence costs from any capital assets owned.

If found to be ineligible for Crown Court funding due to means we canĀ  assist on a private fee basis.

Again we are able to advise on Crown Court Legal Aid means requirements.

Offering a personal service

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